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25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
26 Apr 23 Tags:
RST on VIMEO – Watch HDT prototypes, tools and experiments Robust, Low Res and High Fidelity
4 Jan 22 Tags:
Design for Tomorrow—Volume 3 Proceedings of ICoRD 2021 | On How to Add SALT: ‘PLAYGORA’—A Real-World Case Study and Experimentation (Out of the Lab)
28 Jun 21 Tags:
Advances in Computers and Information in Engineering Research, Volume 2 | Cyber-Physical Systems, Blended Tool Environments, and Playful Creativity
28 Jun 21 Tags:
RST@CAD2020 – Barcelona, Spain
30 Jun 20 Tags:
RST@ICPR2020 – Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2020
16 Jan 20 Tags:
RST@ICED2017 – Vancouver, BC, Canada
27 Apr 17 Tags:
RST@ASME IDETC CIE 2017 – Cleveland, Ohio, USA
27 Apr 17 Tags:
RST Book: Hybrid Design Tools for Conceptual Design and Design Engineering Processes Bridging the Design Gap: Towards an Intuitive Design Tool
28 Nov 16 Tags:
NXt-LFDS & Larissa – 2015 _Hybrid Design Tool, Creative Processing and Spontaneity
2 Jul 15 Tags:
NXt-LFDS Design Ideation Processing
1 Jul 15 Tags:
Games and Learning Alliance (GaLA)
4 Dec 14 Tags:
RST @ Elementary School in Breukelen (Brooklyn), the Netherlands
28 Mar 14 Tags:
ICED 2013
28 May 13 Tags:
RSFF Launches LFDS in Design Education 2011
26 May 11 Tags:
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